We all loose socks. They all end up running away leaving you with an uneven number. We created a fashion brand that answers to the needs of those left that get left behind. 



Socks are something we need on a daily basis. We all start loosing them after a while for mysterious reasons and ending up with unmatching pairs of socks.

Socks are all meant to run away, they are infamous pieces of fabric that abandons you.

They disappear into thin air to be never seen again. They start as a pair only to drift apart in the most mysterious inexplicable ways, but at the end of the day, socks are fully replaceable. 

Because we embrace the nature of the runaway sock we create socks that are easy to replace. Plain white socks that are easily paired with every other single in your drawer. That way, it will be hard to notice that they ever ran away. Our socks can be purchased by need and not by pairs. Sobbing over a lost sock doesn’t bring it back, ordering a fresh new one does.


Runaways Run to You

Creatives are stereotyped as being messy people. We deliver to them uneven amounts of plain white socks on every uneven month to their workspace.

Gifting Socks

As well as being able to gift an uneven amount of socks to your friend who is turning an uneven number of age.

Checkout Counter

We place Runaways by the checkout counters of supermarkets. Because items in the checkout counter are small things, that are easily purchasable and needed by most people. They are often forgotten items that are purposely placed there to fulfill a need that we didn’t remember we had.

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